Monday, 11 July 2016

Last day: On the way home

The team have just been dropped off at Kilimanjaro International Airport and are on their way back home! 

The last day saw them visit Lake Manyara National Park before heading back to Arusha for a final dinner together and then onto the airport and flight back.

Thank you so much for reading the blog and all your comments too. We know the team can't wait to show you their own photos and share their experiences with you too.

It's been a pleasure working with Portland Place school again and we can't wait to welcome you back to Tanzania to work with the Livingstone Tanzania Trist again!

All at Team Inspire 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Day 12: Safari part one

We had an early start today we left Malangi and it was very sad to say goodbye to our friends!

We made our way to Tarangire National Park very early. It was an amazing experience we saw zebra, elephants, wildebeest, waterbucks, gazelle, ostrich and giraffes!

The highlight was seeing two lions eating a wildebeest they had just killed.It was Jack's birthday today and we celebrated by filling up a safari car with balloonsz He was very happy and had to pop them all before the safari! Georgia spent hours blowing them up the night before.

We made it very tired to twiga lodge, we were so happy to have a shower and electricity!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Day 11: Last day on project

Unfortunately our time in Malangi has come to an end. After our daily dose of oatmeal porridge we joined forces with the fundis for the last time.

We put everything into it, reaching results which were above expectations. After the short but thorough days work, we united with the community for celebrations. We were greeted with an absolute feast to start. 

Shortly after, we gathered outside to listen to the Tanzanian national anthem followed by warming speeches. Gifts were shared round and then we were all on our feet dancing together like their was no tomorrow. We then had to pack up and get ready for our adventure into the bush. 

Max and tomi

Friday, 8 July 2016

Day 10: Mud and more visits

Today started with Matt briskly waking the boys up with his shaking bottles. We made our way to the site and made great progress in the second toilet for the girls which had some redesigning to our original plans which would help improve there hygiene. 

Our work was steady and progress was made. After our delicious meal of rice and beans obviously we were amused by the assassination of leader Matt by Georgia as she handed him a spoon whilest he was in the mud pit. 

Jack, Josh and Matt visited Johanna's house for tea and were stunned by the amazing food and reception from his family. 

They managed to talk with them and were surprised by more of the cultural differences. 

After Matt got over the shock of his assassination him and Tommy had a mud fight in the pit which made Tommy extremely dirty and he ended up with a mouthful of mud. 

After the last full day of work everyone just chilled out for a bit while the dinner was cooking, this was when Georgia performed her second assassination on Johanna using a camera in the kitchen. 

Barnaby was signed for Malangi FC for a small fee of chocolate biscuits and coffee. 
Finally we had a great meal of rice and beans accompanied with some Mexican spicy sauces. 
Thanks Tommy. 
So this day was great.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Day 9: Community lunch

This morning's wake up consisted of Matt, a sauce pan and a considerable amount of banging. 

After another serving of...delicious porridge the group made their way to the  work site. 

With half a days work behind us we made our way to lunch which we had the pleasure of eating at a community member's house with some of the locals. 

We were greeted by some traditional dancing which we all got involved in followed by a delicious lunch and an enlightening  Q&A session. Leaving lunch we were again treated to a lengthy traditional dance. 

Late afternoon was full of football, playing with the kids and arm wrestling, the most exciting match up was by far Hasan and Scarlotte's battle which ended 3-0 to Scarlotte. 

Dinner was a delicious 'pasta red sauce' served up by Alex, Adam and Miss

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 8: Good work!

Today was one of our most effective work days. The second toilet block is halfway through and we are hoping to complete the third before we leave! 

After lunch we went for a community walk led by Yohanna through the community at Malangi. 

We enjoyed a scenic route giving us a great view of the rift valley. The walk ended with a cold beverage at a local shack. The streets were filled with children wanting to play with us by the activity room. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Day 7: Some reflections

Our experiences have changed the perspective of the team for the better. 

People are helping with daily chores and even though people are from diff years they have been talking and getting to know each other.

It is an experience that will stay with us 4 the rest of our lives and change us 4 the better. 

Oh and in other new the boys played a football match against the local team... Result was 2-2!