Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day 5: A day of rest

The morning was struck like a match in the wind as many tried and many failed to arise at the crack of dawn for a day of activity. 

Onwards and upwards, we set out for our first destination. Gazing upon the gleaming sunrise, we chopped our way through the towering fields of corn in pursuit of one thing... God. 

The church was a modest structure but filled with love and wisdom as well as, eventually, our futile attempts at belching out swaheelee gospel. The kind, local welcome lasted from the moment we stepped into the house of the Lord until we made it back to camp and left a lasting warmth in all of us.  

After a hearty lunch of rice and beans, a great convoy carried us to our next destination. A truly unique experience, we were graced with the honour of attending a local christening of the now named, baby Annabelle. 

Onto our final destination our fleet of cars made it to Lake Babati where we watched the tiring sun set over the colossal mountains and hippo inhabited waters. 

Drinks were drank, poker was played and we left with a sight greater than any other. This drew our day to a close as dinner was served and the shimmering sea of stars watched over our group. 

Tiring and yawning we now ease our way to slumber as I write you this insight into a day that will stay with us for many years to come. 

Team piccie (Inspire Leaders Amy and Matt on the right of the photo!) 


  1. Sounds like an eventful day! Nice photo Team Piccie! Keep the pictures coming!

  2. You guys are very lucky to be doing this and is something that you will remember for the rest of you lives talking from experience… best motivation throughout the trip are the littles successes that do you day by day… Big up Ms. Gill for going along much love… and say hello to mbogo the fundi for me glad to see the blog is back will be tracking.
    Have fun Fundi Pav

  3. Your community day sounded amazing - great blog writing - you experienced a very special day indeed.
    Keep working hard and having fun!

  4. Sounds amazing!love the updates,thank you bloggers.hope you all had another great day!