Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 8: Good work!

Today was one of our most effective work days. The second toilet block is halfway through and we are hoping to complete the third before we leave! 

After lunch we went for a community walk led by Yohanna through the community at Malangi. 

We enjoyed a scenic route giving us a great view of the rift valley. The walk ended with a cold beverage at a local shack. The streets were filled with children wanting to play with us by the activity room. 


  1. Well done guys! Nice pictures! Keep up the good work! And happy Eid Hasan!

  2. Good work, guys!! We can spot the advance day by day, very impressive!! Alfredo (Tomi's dad)

  3. Looking good, coming on amazingly fast! Hope Georgia's managing to get out of bed every morning! Some more group photos would be great please!